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Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to the Beginning

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Late Saturday Afternoon, Oil 12" x 12", Private Collection
It is raining outside today and I thought this painting seemed nice and cheery and also is consistent with the thick paint, heavy palette knife "theme" for the week.
I was talking to my wonderful sister-in-law today and we were talking about my blog. She is kind enough to be a regular visitor and always has nice and encouraging things to say. As we were talking, I came up with an idea that I should post my "first ever painting" which happened to be done with a palette knife (what a surprise ...). It wasn't until I pulled it out and saw how AWFUL it is that I decided to post it in a link here instead. That way, those of you who just look at my daily paintings and don't spend time actually reading the blog will miss it! And no one will confuse it for a "current painting". It is pretty embarassing. I suppose it is good to see I have learned something from two years of painting ...
I also thought today was a good day to post my first palette knife painting because in case you can't tell, it is a painting of a swim meet. My oldest son is a very dedicated swimmer and he turns 18 tomorrow. He has always been my very special valentine!


Dewberry Fine Art said...

It is always nice to remember how far we have come. Palette knife painting blows me away. Not something I am even close to accomplishing. I like the sail boats very much. The color is luscious. Your handling of the paint and the texture you create adds a whole new dimension to viewing the painting. Very nice.
I do like your early one. Your water shows atmosphere and depth. What a wonderful beginning.

Leslie Saeta said...

You are too kind. My "first ever" painting is awful and I know it. But you are right, it is nice to remember how far we have come!

Karen said...

Yes, it's a world apart from the ones you post now. It's brave of you to post an early one, because we all have them (and on some days they don't seem that far away)!

Jala Pfaff said...

This is beautiful! And there's nothing wrong with the first one, either.

Marian Fortunati said...

I really like your work now... I'm wondering..... Could you put into WORDS what it is that you've learned between then and now??
Why is there such an obvious discrepancy between that painting and the ones you now produce? I mean I can SEE it but how do you verbalize it???


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