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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Reflections

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"Summer Reflections"
Oi, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.
$150 unframed.

I am amazed everyday as to how my blog has introduced me to so many wonderful places, people and of course ... other artists! Today I spent an hour emailing a wonderful woman in Europe who would like me to paint a painting reminiscent of her favorite summer getaway in England. Yesterday I was asked by a woman in Boston to paint a scene of her hometown. I feel so fortunate to be so busy and I am astounded every morning when I read my inbox. It is hard to believe how much my blog has changed my life.
The greatest thing about a blog is that there are so many wonderful people who offer so many kind words of encouragement. Even on the days when I am frustrated at my easel someone out there will offer a funny story or wonderful advice!
I am blessed to have met so many of you out there in cyberspace. Thank you!


Dreama Tolle Perry said...

Truly you have a gift for capturing the feelings that one feels when you see a sail boat--beautiful work!

John K. Harrell said...

Great abstract quality to this piece. Even though I don't comment everyday on your work rest assured I partake of it daily and feast on its beauty. You are one great artist!

Daily Paintings said...

Beautiful Piece!! Mike

Karen said...

I second your thoughts about the blog! It is such a great tool.

Elizabeth Elgin said...

The colors and the composition are wonderful. The eyes keep going from the red building on the right round the sailboat/reflection and back up. Very restful. I found your site yesterday and am enthralled. Tried palette knife painting for the first time last night and have even more respect this AM. My piece had me RLFLOL.

Kathleen Krucoff said...

I love the warm, rich colors in this one. And it's so great to hear how your blog has brought you in contact with people around the world...Congrats!

Jala Pfaff said...

I love the colors here. I find the buildings are competing with the sail, though.


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