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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Day

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Another Day, Oil 8" x 6"
We filmed a commercial at my house yesterday so it was a crazy day. It was hard to find time to paint but I managed to get this one done late last night. My youngest son is home sick and my husband is out of town so yes, things are crazy today too. I did this small painting for my girfriend's birthday which is today ... so Happy Birthday Kris! It seems when I am in a time crunch I revert back to my comfort zone ...


Anonymous said...

so sorry i missed the pizza parlor party last night - was on a plane. i love the idea of south pasadena feeling like new york - we will have rain all weekend - lot's of opportunity for snapshots - can you paint it? PS - didn't mean to post as anonymous - just couldn't figure out how else to post :)

kris morrish said...

It was not just Another Day when I was presented with this painting as a birthday gift! What a treat! It certainly took the sting out of turning 48. Thank you, Leslie. I love it!

LSaeta said...

How nice to see that my two favorite girlfriends both posted on my blog!
Mary Liz - the evening was fun but we missed you terribly. I love the rain but still can't quite figure out how to paint it!
Kris - glad you liked the birthday gift. And yes, your birthday was not just Another Day, it was a Special Day!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading the stories behind each painting...we also had a TV crew in our house last Thursday! It was a crazy day, but fun. Looking forward to seeing the lake picture sometime! I wonder if my friend ever contacted you about the La Venta Inn painting?? Laura H.

LSaeta said...

Thanks so much for the referral. She did come by yesterday and it sold! I just sent you an email but I am looking for more pictures of your lake house so please send them. Thanks so much!


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