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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Cloudy Day

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A Cloudy Day, Oil, 11" x 14"
This painting is sold.

A girlfriend of mine emailed me last week and asked if I had ever painted one of my sailboat paintings without using blue. This didn't surprise me, since my favorite color in the world is sage green and well, my house has sage green almost everywhere. I always though that my boat paintings would look odd in my house with too much blue anyway, so I thought I would give it a try.
I used this same image a few weeks back when I painted the smaller painting for the White's Gallery show. It was very blue! So I pulled out my Sap Green tube and gave it a try ... and now I have a beautiful painting that could go in every room in my house! So, thanks Michelle for the inspiration and idea! I really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I love the green colors! Nice way to change up the paintng.

Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks so much. As I mentioned, sage green is my favorite color! I would love to try an "orange" version of this but I might get carried away ...

Anonymous said...

With all that chaos all around you, you still pulled out a beauty!
It matches everything and yet you're going to sell it! hmmmmmm...

I'm curious... All of your paintings are gorgeous, but some show more of the knife than others... Do you do some smoothing with brushes ..... or...... ;o) are you just really really really good!
I know you are, so don't bother responding to that one.... I really like the look of the palette knife... when others use it. Guess I'll need to practice as some of the effects I see in yours and other painter's palette knife paintings are so lovely.
Be well... stay dry and don't catch your child's cold!

Leslie Saeta said...

The only time I pull out the brush is when it comes time to sign my paintings. Then I turn the brush around and use the wooden end to "scratch in" my signature! Actually, now that I think about it, I do use a brush for lettering - the BALBOA MARKET lettering was done with a brush.
Sometimes I use the knife edge to blend the paint at times so it is more smooth so it doesn't look so "edgy". It may look like a brush, but still the knife. Since I have never had any formal training with a palette knife I am probably doing it all wrong ... oh well!


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