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Friday, February 6, 2009

Red, Red Wine

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Red, Red Wine Oil, 12" x 12"
I met my girlfriends at a new place in South Pas tonight called Little Parlor. It is an upscale pizza place with great food and a really nice atmosphere. As we were celebrating two more birthdays, my friend Jennifer looked out the window and commented "this feels like New York"!
Anyone who has been to South Pasadena would think she was crazy. But at that moment I completely agreed with her. It was raining outside, the metro line had just gone by and there were tons of reflections in the puddles on Mission Street. Of course there weren't any yellow taxi cabs ... but there were lots of cars whizzing by. The street corner had a real urban feel to it and I realized that in our tiny little town, we too can feel like the "big city".
We enjoyed lots of red wine tonight so I decided to post this painting. I painted it with thick paint and a palette knife (of course). It belongs to a lovely home in Atlanta.


Karen said...

Hi Leslie, I'm so glad to have come over to your blog! The work is just so captivating. There is so much I like about it, but the first things that come to mind are that I'm amazed at your use of the palette knife, and I absolutely love the paint quality.

I have to ask you, how did you settle on Sap in your limited palette? And what is your favorite knife to work with? I love palette knives, though I'm not using them a lot now as you are, and I'm always interested in palette color choices.

Your paintings of Newport & Balboa island bring me really fond memories of when we used to take the ferry across for dinner at Dillman's. Such a special place.

I look forward to returning!

Leslie Saeta said...

Welcome to my blog! And thanks so much for your kind words!
It's funny, but I have no idea how I ended up with sap green. Originally I started with four colors but I think over time I decided to add in the green. I use a lot of sage green tones and it takes me about two seconds to mix the right color using Sap green. I am so thankful that the first three workshops I took were from teachers that all used a limited palette. I kind of figured that was how everyone painted! As far as the knives, I use the shorter ones, about one to one and a half inch blades. But I have a few really long ones that I use for the ship masts that work well. I often wonder if I will ever even learn how to paint with a brush!

Unknown said...

Great...Red wine, is good for health!


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