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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Balboa Market

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Balboa Market, Oil, 8" x 10"
This painting is
for sale.
We spend a week every summer in Newport Beach and we love to wander down to Balboa. I adore this little market and thought I might try to paint it. We have dear friends who have the most adorable home on Balboa island. They call it the "barn" and I would love to paint it (so send me some pictures, ok?). I am actually thrilled with the way this painting came out and with the weather we are having ... I wish we were at the beach. I love Southern California!


Laurie said...

Wow, I have a lot of great posts to catch up on! I love this painting in particular... I love the beach, too!

Billy Goat #2 said...

Leslie - Your art is beautiful! And nothing beats a day at the beach!

Billy Goat #2 said...

hmmm, I obviously haven't posted before...anyway this is Susie Gillespie!

LSaeta said...

Thanks Laurie. It's funny how I can sit at the easel and never know if the finished painting will bee a "keeper" or not. But I do like this one.
Billy Goat #2 - Hey there Susie! So glad you found my blog. I know Aileen forwarded you the "Haven for Ice Cream" post. Great to hear from you as it has been WAY TOO LONG!


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