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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Carriage House Workshop Art Studio Construction - Day Two

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You can see the open ceiling ... 
Our official "first day" of construction was a really great day. Demo always seems to go great and then usually things slow down after that so I have tried to temper my expectations that this project will still take longer than I think.
The opening on the left is the old "carriage door"
They opened up the ceiling to expose the pitched roof. When it's all painted it will look amazing.
The best surprise of the day was the Carriage Door. The "old door" was covered with wood and wouldn't open or close. As they were taking the door apart I discovered the "frame" and told them to STOP! It turns out the sliding door just need some TLC and it can be repaired. So we are just going to re-work the frame, add glass and get it working again. Originally I was going to put in a french door in the back but I am thrilled that this option is more consistent with the original design of the house (which was back in 1915).  The "frame" of the old door is in the photo on the right - it's the six sectioned door to the left of the window.

The Carriage Door on the left is on a track that "rolls open"
For the first time in 69 years, the windows will actually open ...

The lovely carpet in these photos was actually put in many years ago when we filmed a commercial for Sears in here (and yes, that would be the last time this room was clean). It is going to be removed after the paintingof the walls and ceiling are done.
Last night I picked out paint colors and light fixtures. The paint color is Martha Stewart "Garden Shed". It's a version of my all-time favorite color, sage green. Window and door trim will be Swiss Coffee (aka white).
I am adding six industrial looking hanging lights and small track lights to shine on the walls to highlight the art. I even have a wall planned with shelves that will hold finished artwork from my workshop students, so it can be photographed easily for show and tell!
Today's big project is getting the walls above the old ceiling line ready for painting. Lots of cleaning, sanding, removing cob webs and who knows what else has been up there for the last 96 years ... It actually looks surprisingly nice ...

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