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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carriage House Workshop Construction - Day Twelve

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We are getting so close and I decided today that it was time to turn my new space in to a "working studio". In doing so I realize that tomorrow I will need to move a few things back in to the house as the construction crew returns to make the carriage door for the front of the building.
But ... I wanted to paint and decided it was worth it! So I moved in my supplies and pulled out a lot of my swap meet purchases to hold all of my art supplies. I am not sure if you can see the old green wooden crates that are under the work bench but they are really cool and I finally have a use for them.

 I was really excited that I found a use for the old wooden barrels. They are my new "trash cans". f you recall, we found the barrels stored up in the ceiling of the carriage house so it is likely they have been up there almost 100 years. Amazing!

The photo below also shows how the shelves on the wall can be used to dry panels. And the final photo shows my station all set up to paint a small 6" x 6" painting. First painting in the new studio is done!

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