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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Carriage House Workshop Construction - Day Six

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 I realize that today is actually "Day Eight" but since we haven't had anyone working on my studio for a few days I thought I would just count by "days actually working".
Yesterday was one of those "odds and ends" workdays. The broken glass in the windows was replaced, the windows were hung and the glass and moulding on the carriage door was finished. They also finished painting touch ups and removed the really awful carpet that has served as a "drop cloth" during the painting process. There is a lot of paint that somehow traveled to our back patio and a few other places that needs to be removed (the hazards of using a paint sprayer ... ). I think the electrical will be installed this weekend so we are getting close to a finished project. My lights will arrive tomorrow so the timing should be good (although my lights did arrive in LA this morning at a FedEx location but they aren't delivering them until tomorrow since they are technically not due to be delivered until tomorrow ... seriously???).
I probably have too much light planned for the studio. I have six hanging lights plus four track lights that will highlight the four walls designated for art. I am having dimmers installed so I can be sure that the light is right for different uses in the studio.  Unfortunately I got the news last night that they have to pull in more electricity to the garage. My refrigerator for "wet paint" put me over the top for electrical needs so that news was a surprise to my budget.
I also have some "refurbished" pieces of furniture that will be going in to the studio for storage of my art supplies. The first is a piece that we think was built with the garage. It was in really bad shape, dark brown and almost covered with cobwebs and stuff. So it is being refurbished and will have new doors added eventually. The second is an old potting bench I purchased a few years ago at the Rose Bowl Flea market. There were a few years when we first bought our house that I would head to the Rose Bowl every month. The flea market (held on the 2nd Sunday of every month) is full of antiques and at least half of the furnishings in my house were purchased there. If you have not been to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and are ever in LA, you should go! I love the old look of this green piece and I will actually use this as my taboret to hold my palette while I paint. I had them install wheels (with locks) on the bottom of my large easel so I can move it around the studio while I am teaching.
If all goes well the Carriage House should be completed next week. That's pretty amazing but I was very lucky with this carpenter. They showed up when they promised and moved faster that I had expected (when does that ever happen?). Now it's time to get back to painting.

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