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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Carriage Workshop Studio Construction - Day Eleven

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I was able to take some photos this morning before the workers came today ... which is a good thing because it doesn't look this clean. They moved in the two pieces of furniture and you can see in the photo above where I will be spending most of my time in my new studio.

The second photo shows the small shelves that I had built on the wall. These shelves will be perfect for my students to place their completed paintings ... and I will can take great photos of the finished paintings for my blog! Anyone who has tried to take photos at a workshop knows what I am referring to here ...

The photo on the left shows the wall opposite to where  will paint. I have already moved in my refrigerator (which is where I store my paint so it won't dry up ...). I also had this really old workbench painted. You will probably see my laptop here in future photos.

The next big project are the front carriage doors. The old doors were removed today and hopefully construction on the new doors will start tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed ...

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