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Thursday, January 3, 2013

30 in 30 - Day Three - SOLD

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My Favorite Things - 30 Paintings in 30 Days
"My Favorite Flavor", Oil, 6" x 6"

It looks like most of you are enjoying participating in the 30 Day Challenge. I am really enjoying all of your stories and comments on facebook. My favorite comment so far was "it looks like my family might have to clean and cook for themselves this month". Ha!

Of course it is Friday and we are only on Day three. That's great! There is only one problem and it hit me this morning like a ton of bricks ... and that was "WAIT, WE DON'T HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF?" Seriously? Who created this challenge anyway?

Hmmm. Sometimes when reality sets in there are sacrifices we have to make. So a little time painting this weekend will be a good thing. Just promise me you will not curse my name or post my picture in the middle of your dart board. This Challenge is a really good thing for all of us, even on the weekends!

I am really having fun with my theme "My Favorite Things". My first painting featured my set of palette knives, then I painted persimmons which I think are the most misunderstood vegetable fruit. They taste a bit like papaya and are really good. Try one, you'll like it.

My third painting is titled "My Favorite Flavor" and should really be titled "My Favorite Food". But I decided that it was too embarrassing to admit to everyone that ice cream is absolutely ... one hundred percent ... my favorite food.  Of course my favorite flavor happens to be peppermint which is a "seasonal flavor" and that means it is only sold in stores during the holiday season. I suppose this is a good thing because I can only eat it  for a month a year. But there is a lot of pressure to eat a lot of it ...

(My very sweet girlfriend Mary Liz once brought me peppermint ice cream in the hospital when the doctors told me I could finally eat solid food. I am not sure where she found it in April. I am also not sure if it was just left over from the holidays ...)

I will be back tomorrow with another post and another new painting. In case you have forgotten, tomorrow is Saturday. And then I'll be painting and posting on Sunday too. And Monday. And Tuesday ...

Be sure and check out the amazing paintings that are being posted here on my blog. All of these artists will be painting on Saturday too!

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1 comment:

Crystal Cook said...

I love peppermint ice cream too!! Peppermint FTW! I always love your color choices Leslie. :)


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