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Sunday, January 13, 2013

30 in 30 - Day Twelve

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I am not ready to upload for painting for Sunday. It needs a bit of tweaking but it is one of my "favorite things"! So you will just have to wait to see what appears here on Sunday afternoon.

I am heading to the Rose Bowl Antique Swap Meet in the morning. I haven't been in a few years, which is hard to believe, because I use to go every single month. For years I wouldn't miss it and my house has a lot of wonderful "finds" from the swap meet. I should do a "photo tour" of all of the cool swap meet items in my house. Many of you have seen my taboret in my studio. It's sage green and it's an old gardeners worktable. That was a great find at the Rose Bowl.  An old mirror, table lamp. old wire vase, picture frame, glass cup, chandelier ... I could go on and on. What's great is that each item was picked out by me, from thousands of others, with a special place in mind as to where it would fit in my house.  I am so excited for tomorrow as I cannot wait to find some cool stuff to photograph for my still life paintings. I am hoping to find something I can use in my workshop next week!

I hope you are all hanging in there and enjoying this new way of painting. Great job. All of the art is absolutely amazing!
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Charmingdesigns said...

I cant wait to see what you come home with from the Rose Bowl! See you tomorrow in class.

Karla said...

Now here is a benefit I hadn't expected doing this challenge. I got on the scales this morning and discovered I had lost weight. I guess I have been painting more and eating less. Nice!


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