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Monday, September 15, 2014

Thirty Paintings in 30 Days - Day Fifteen

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"Hanging with the Buoys"
Oil, 36" x 24" on stretched canvas
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Thirty Things You Don't Know About Me

#15 - What's my new favorite thing about painting? Painting large.

I have no idea why I painted smaller paintings for so many years. I don't really have an explanation. Perhaps it was fear of painting large. (I kind of doubt that was it, but it sounds like a good explanation. Ha!) Earlier this year I started painting bigger. And I love it. I wish I had the time to paint larger every day!

I know "larger paintings" can mean different things to different people. To me, a large painting is a 24" x 36" or a 30" by a 40". Any size in that general range feels large to me.

Today's painting has been hanging around in my studio for a while. I was working on it when I was going through some scary stuff. (Don't worry, it was a medical scare that turned out to be FALSE. But it was the scariest thing I have ever been through in my life.) There were days that I think I stood in front of the painting for hours and barely painted. I guess you could say this painting and I were kind of going through a tough time. Finally, today, I was ready to finish it. That was a good thing since I needed a painting to post after a very busy weekend.

My next few paintings will be large because I am teaching a three day "Painting Large" workshop beginning tomorrow in my air-conditioned studio. I mentioned the AC because it is supposed to be 106 for the next few days in Pasadena. I should probably note we are also filming a commercial at our house ... and they are putting snow on the front yard and house. Of course, it's fake snow. Nothing like snow in 106 degree weather ...

By the way ... to the 1053 artists that are participating in the 30 day Challenge ... WE ARE HALF WAY DONE. That's amazing. And realize it is all down hill from here. And just take a look at the amazing artwork you have created so far this month! Congratulations!

Next week I am releasing my 2015 workshop schedule. I am coming to Cape Cod, Atlanta and Richmond in 2015! Plus you can paint and stay with me in Ventura, CA at the beach house! Click here for more information!

I am also offering Monday Online Studio painting classes beginning October 2014! Join me each month as we paint boats, roosters, glass, beach scenes, umbrellas, etc. with a palette knife! Click here to find out more.

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Jo Mackenzie said...

When I go through scary stuff it always comes out in painting in some way.Did you realize at the time you were painting life perservers?


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