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Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Seeker - SOLD

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"Flower Seeker"
Oil, 6" x 6" on canvas panel.

It was such a beautiful day in Pasadena today that I thought it was time to post a flower painting and maybe take a one day break from all of my boats! Besides, this yellow flower expresses my great mood! I feel that i am in such a great place with my art career right now. I love to paint but i also love the marketing. And it honestly feels as if all of my efforts this past year (and there have been a lot of them!) have really been worth it. If you listen to the radio show "Artists Helping Artists" that I co-host with Dreama Tolle Perry, hopefully you can tell how much fun we are having trying to spread the success we have had in selling our art on-line. I receive a lot of emails from artists who have sold art because they followed one of our suggestions. Today I received a call from a friend about the great experience she had with a gallery. Every artists that sells a painting or shares a success story means that "artists helping artists" is a good thing.
Dreama and I would love to spread the news about our radio show to as many artists as we can. So please ... help us get the word out. Tell your artist friends. Go to the Blog Talk Radio "widget" on my blog and click "SHARE" so you can post it on your blog as well. And please ... don't be shy. Join us live for our show on Thursdays at 9am PST and ask us your questions. Every time we answer your question we know we are helping many more artists. And please let us know if you have a topic for a show or even if you want to be a guest!
For more information about the show go to All of our previous shows are archived so just go to "On Demand Episodes" and you can hear them all. Our guest next week is Carol Marine. She is a pioneer in the daily painting movement and I can't wait to have her on the show.  Thanks for listening ...


Anonymous said...

Oh what a sweet painting! so very cheery!

Clydetta said...

Happy it is!!!! Very happy painting..Your flowers are as beautiful as your sailboats...


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