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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Day

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"Happy Day"
6x6 oil on museum quality canvas panel

So why is it we have to have a party or an event on the calendar to motivate us to get the house projects completed? I think my husband thinks I use these "events" as an excuse to sneak in a new project. I actually think he might be a little bit correct. But when you own an "almost 100 year old" house there are always projects. And more projects. I like to think of it as "deferred maintenance". 
We are hosting a big school fundraiser at our house next weekend and I have had quite a few people roaming around outside installing heaters in our patio ceiling (how cool is that?) and fixing up our fire pit. And ... replacing some grass and planting some flowers and ... and a few other things ... but it's spring so why not?
I failed to mention there is a huge silent auction for this event that I am in charge of. And for the last few months I have been hounding parents at the school for donations. I kind of became "persona non grata" as I noticed parents heading the other direction when I walked in to the school gym. They know me too well and it's the time of year I am always asking for donations. This is my sixth year involved in the fundraiser and I am looking to go out with a bang. Our youngest graduates this year so next spring I will definitely have more time to "garden".
Of course if it rains next weekend I am in really big trouble ...
It's the time of the year when my very neglected garden actually looks pretty nice and my long forgotten daffodils have decided to reappear for yet another year. 

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