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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to Boats

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Boat Docked, Oil 10" x 8"
This painting is for sale.
Old habits die hard so I am back to painting boats. I really struggled with this painting as I scraped the paint off the canvas twice. That is the nice thing about working with a palette knife, it is so easy to just scrape everything off the canvas when the painting starts heading south. Of course then you have a nice pile of "used paint" which becomes ... muddy gray paint! Good thing oil paint is pretty inexpensive.
I had a great time at our book club last night. We read "Edgar Sawtelle" which is over 500 pages long and I did have some "not so nice" things to say about the ending. I won't spoil it for you but I hate it when books do that ... Regardless, the discussion was wonderful ... and we are looking for a good "classic" to read this month so please send your suggestions. Just click on the comments button below ... it is ok to identify yourself as anonymous if you don't already have an ID.
Well, I am back to the easel. I am trying to finish up two very belated Christmas gifts before we head into February ... my oldest brother and youngest sister are finally going to get their gifts!

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Anonymous said...

I like your use of colors in this painting. Was it done from a photo or plein aire?


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