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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dave's Favorite Painting

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Dave's Barn Oil, 10" x 8"
I painted this painting while attending a workshop with Marc Hanson in Minnesota. I will never forget the week I spent in Minnesota ... and the fact that I got on a plane and flew to Minneapolis, drove three hours through the countryside and stayed a week in a town with basically one "main" street, no cell service and no Starbucks! I remember calling Dave (my husband) as I was driving through Minnesota and asking him "What am I doing and why am I here?".
Of course the week was fantastic, Marc was a great instructor and I learned a lot! This was my first "real" workshop and amazingly enough, the boys back home survived without me. I have taken four other workshops since but decided last year that I really just need to paint. Practice makes perfect ... well not perfect ... it just makes you better!
So Dave loves this painting and it is hanging in our family room. Maybe I should paint more barns (and less boats)!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely barn. Great use of color.


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