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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Favorite Painting

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On Your Toes Oil, 8" x 10" Sold
I was hoping to add a new painting today but my last attempt ended up in the trash. It is amazing that I will be on a roll and love the paintings coming off my easel and then ... thug ... a dud. Usually, as it was in this case, the colors are boring and the painting was lifeless.
One of my girlfriends called me yesterday (in response to the post "My girlfriends think I am crazy") and asked me why I was doing this. I tried to explain to her that the only way I can get better at this is to paint. A lot. And even more than "a lot". I think she still thinks I am crazy but sometimes a self imposed goal (that everyone knows about!) is the best way to accomplish something.
After my "dud painting" went in to the trash I decided I would post my "favorite" painting. Perhaps I am doing this to remind me that I think I do know how to paint. The subject matter is interesting ... I am not a ballerina, there are no dancers in my family and I do not attend the ballet. Now, I should mention that I was a Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker when I was about 7 years old but I was NOT wearing toe shoes, as seen in this painting. (My ballet career was very short lived ... I was way too tall and not that coordinated ... don't ask me to try a cartwheel).
The entire reason I painted this painting is because my life is surrounded by boys and it was time for a change! I have three boys, they all play sports and my favorite pastime is to watch them play sports. However, I painted this painting titled "On Your Toes" when we were at the beach and there were 14 boys and me staying at the beach house. It was just time to paint something girlie.
I hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

I have three girls so I know what you mean - too much of one thing can be a bit much! Is this painting for sale?

Leslie Saeta said...

Sorry but it isn't for sale. Since it is my favorite painting, it is in my personal collection. If I ever let go of it, I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

I just created a painting from this picture, it is one of my favorite paintings, and if it wasnt sold i would buy it in a heart beat!


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