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Friday, January 9, 2009

Challenge #1: Send me your photos for a painting!

Pin It OK, I had so much fun painting the South Pasadena pictures from Laurie Allee's blog at that I am going to do a painting like this every week! (Thanks again Laurie for sending all your friends to my blog!) All you need to do is email me a photo and I will pick one each week to paint. The photo can be anything ... cityscapes, landscapes, the beach, your child, your dog ... anything will do. Just send them to me asap. Be sure and send them in jpeg format and I will handle cropping and preparing them for the painting. Just remember that if you send me your photo (and it needs to be one that you have actually taken) you are giving me permission to paint it. I will post the photo and painting one week later. Thanks!


Leslie Saeta said...

Keep those photos coming! After only 24 hours I have received 13 photos! The subject matter is broad - mountain cabin, surfer, skiers, golden retreiver, lake, napa, bridge ... so keep sending the photos! There are actually many that I can can use for paintings already. So where are all of those boat photos? Hee Hee.

Becky said...

Hello, LSaeta! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to see some oil paintings of some of my photos. Feel free to choose whichever you like and go for it. Let me know when you've done some so I can take a look. What a wonderful talent you have! And what a great idea! I look forward to browsing more of your blog.


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