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Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Gifts for the Family

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PV Drive South Oil, 8" x 6" Sold
The holidays are a crazy time of year at our house. With all of the preparation for our big party and the many hosted family dinners, it is amazing that I find anytime to paint. Starting at about age 10, I began "making gifts" for my family members every Christmas. As I look back I realize how gracious they all were to endure the homemade quilts, crocheted afghans, stained glass mirrors and hand sewn robes. I sincerely hope they are happy to receive oil paintings as gifts ... and not something else from my new "craft room".
This painting was done for my parents and it is entitled "PV Drive South". We moved to Palos Verdes when I was in high school and spent lots of time on this wonderful drive. My mom thought the painting looked more like the drive up to Lake Arrowhead, which I assume is because I left out the beautiful and scenic ocean views often enjoyed along PV Drive South. I like the painting and the colors! Another 6" x 8" size.
I have two more paintings to finish for my siblings that live back east. I am sure they are watching the blog looking to see when their gifts will be finished. Soon, I promise!
By the way, I see "portrait" is currently leading in the "next painting" survey. Could be an interesting challenge for me as I tend to paint land and seascapes most of the time. Send me your pictures if you have a good "portrait" you would like me to try. Of course if my kids get their way, "Sports" will win. Good thing you can only vote once from each computer!


Anonymous said...

I really like this painting. Good job. Wish I had one! Will you post your prices soon for your paintings?

Tash said...

This is so amazing. I came over to browse from Laurie's SoPasDP blog & I saw this and just stopped - I recognized it instantly! It is so well done & captures the Portuguese Bend so well.
Last May, one of my early posts was on that road.

loriann signori said...

Beautiful little painting Leslie. The road is so inviting and your use of violet in the hillside works well. Congratulations on the start of your new blog. Happy painting, Loriann


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