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Friday, January 2, 2009

Gifts for My Family

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Balboa nd Boat Oil, 6" x 8" Sold Main Beach Oil, 8" x 6" Sold
Oil painting is my passion and I have promised myself that I would spend more time painting in 2009. I just finished these paintings as a gift for my sister. One was a Christmas gift and the other was for her belated birthday ... which is on Valentine's Day! My sister lives in Laguna Beach so I did two ... Main Beach and the Balboa Pavillion. They are small ... 6" x 8" ... but I really like the size!


Anonymous said...

Hey, its your favorite son..... (matt)

The Balboa painting might actually be my favorite... So I expect one hanging in my room by tomorrow... please ;]

Leslie Saeta said...

Just go visit your Aunt in Laguna and steal it off the wall ...


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