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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 in 30 - Day Twenty-Nine - SOLD

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My Favorite Things - 30 Paintings in 30 Days
"A Girl's Best Friend", Oil, 8" x 6"
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Day 29. Really? It just can't be.

And all of a sudden I am feeling this inordinate amount of pressure to come up with some "kick-ass" painting for the last day. I guess you could say the pressure is back. Ugh! I feel like it has to truly be "one of my favorite things". Sadly I don't paint people because I would paint a painting of my absolute favorite thing ... my three boys. Oh well, maybe in my next Challenge (of course I would have to title that challenge "Paintings that you have no clue how to paint!"). 

I am also thinking about painting boats. But that seems dumb and way too easy. I think I can wait one more day for that. And one "boats relapse" this month was enough.

I have already painted my favorite food, drink, cocktail, vegetable, college, flea market find, hobby, silver goblet and on and on. I guess I just need to keep thinking. But don't hold your breath, my last painting in this challenge may be something really anti-climatic.

What are you going to paint on the last day of the Challenge? And what are your plans for Day 31? And Day 32?

* A quick note - I have a spot open in my Atlanta workshop. The workshop is February 11 - 13 and includes a home cooked gourmet dinner by yours truly! Follow this link for more information. Just email me if you are interested.
I also added a two day workshop in Indianapolis on March 26th and 27th. This will be my first time teaching in this part of the country and my only chance this year. So sign up if you are interested! Click here for more information.

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Unknown said...

OMG I can't believe it's day 29! Please don't let it stop, Leslie!!!
Ok, I didn't knew I need a special painting for tomorrow, so now I'm overwhelmed, I guess it will be a dog, because I really have to paint it today (hate deadlines, but oh well..)

About day 31 and 32: this challenge made me seriously addicted to daily paintings, so nothing will change, except the motivation. I am going to paint at least ACEO every single day aside from my other projects. This month changed my life dramatically, I like the changes and don't want it to end. Ever.

Your todays "favorite thing" rose is wonderful, Leslie! I am looking forward to see your last "kick-ass" painting! :)

Leslie Saeta said...

You DO NOT need a special painting for Day 30. I promise! Just get one done. That's all!


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