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Monday, January 5, 2009

Will it be a Portrait?

Pin It Time is running out on the survey for the subject material of my next painting. PORTRAIT ... hmmm ... I typically don't do portraits ... in fact this is actually a painting of a mannequin I painted in a class I took at Art Center! It is my one and only attempt at a portrait ... and a bit lifeless ... so yikes!

Next week I am going to ask you to email me one of your photos that you would like me to paint. Any subject material is fine. Houses, boats, pets, kids, boats, your hometown, still life, boats, whatever ... Then I will select one of the photos and then use it for the basis of my next painting! So start looking now for your favorite photo!

1 comment:

Leslie Saeta said...

So ... the poll has closed and you did all select Portrait for my next painting. Hmmm ... this should require me to paint something that isn't normally in my comfort zone. That's good! (I think!) Wish me luck ... and keep watching for the results!


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