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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hope in South Pasadena

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Hope Street Oil, 6" x 8"
This painting is for sale.
I just finished these two paintings. Both of these paintings are South Pasadena locations and I need to thank Laurie Allee and for the wonderful photos which served as the inspiration for these paintings. Laurie hosts this wonderful blog and posts a new South Pasadena photo every night. She was very gracious to agree to let me use her photos for my paintings!


Laurie Allee said...

I'm honored, Leslie. These works are gorgeous -- and filled with such life! You are free to use any images you like as inspiration. I love this collaboration.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful artistic impressions of Laurie's work. Fabulous.

-K- said...

These are all so nice, especially this morning when I'm not too thrilled with the idea of returning to work. They remind me why I'm living here in southern California.

Unknown said...

Your paintings are Gorgeous! they really capture a mood, even if I haven't been to these places, I can feel the life in the trees, very powerful!

Petrea Burchard said...

This is an exciting collaboration. Beautiful work, Leslie, I like it very much. No wonder Laurie's so pleased!

ben wideman said...

Amazing stuff. Artistic collaboration at it's finest!

Leslie Saeta said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog! Tomorrow I will "officilaly" ask for photo submissions as I will feature a painting a week from these photos. So don't be shy and email photos to me.

Laurie - thanks again for your inspiration and for sending all of your friends to my blog!

Mrs. Havisham's Tea Party - the sign was the hardest part to paint! I am so glad you like it.

-K- Southern California does provide us with so much scenery for paintings. I am working on another Pasadena painting and love the wiewpoint! I can't wait until it's done ...

Stephane Kardos - I am not sure where you are from but email me some photos so I can paint something you are familiar with!

Petrea - thanks you for your kind words!

Ben - you are too kind!

Thanks again everybody!

Becky said...

I love these! And aren't Laurie's photos great? I enjoy them, too. You did a wonderful job capturing them! Beautiful.


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