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Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - Day 13

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"One Fish, Two Fish"
Oil, 12" x 12" on canvas panel.
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Day 13 of the Marketing Challenge is a good one. But this one is going to push you a bit out of your comfort zone. Today you need to get out of the studio and head in to town and talk to someone local about your art. Now I know you are wondering what I mean by "someone local". Ideally, you will go to a local store, restaurant, furniture store or interior designer. Grab a business card, your ipad and some photos of your art and just walk right on in. Tell them about your art and explain that you would like to sell your art at their business. Be prepared to pay them a commission (of course) so you will need to think about it first.
But don't think about it all day and then convince yourself that it's too late to head out in to town.
I know I am asking a lot. But this could be huge for your art. And if you have a story to share about this Challenge, please post a comment below!

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