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Friday, May 3, 2013

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - Day 3

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The Day Three Challenge is to add twenty new contacts to your mailing list. (If by some chance you don't have an email list then you should sign up for Mail Chimp. It's free up until you have 2000 on your mailing list so sign up for a free account. I use Constant Contact but there is a monthly fee.) 

If are a Mail Chimp user then you have probably already created created a list. If you haven't already done it, then go to "Create a List". (If you need help then go to this video as it shows you exactly how to create the list.) Next you will need to create a sign up form. Go here to see how to create one. Then check out the Mail Chimp suggestions to build your mailing list. Be sure to add Mail Chimp Mobile to your iphone or Android so you can add contacts to your mailing list on your phone.

If you use Constant Contact then on your home page click on "Sign Up Tools" or "Grow My Contact List".  Here you will find all of the tools you need to add a sign up box on your website, blog and Facebook page. You can even entice followers to sign up for your mailing list via texting and your iphone. Go to this great Constant Contact Starter Kit suggestions page on how to build your mailing list. You should also add the app Constant Contact Quickview to your phone so if you meet someone while you are out you can have them fill in the info on your phone and they will be added directly to your list. 

So where can you find 20 new contacts to add to your mailing list? Once you have reviewed (and hopefully tried) all the suggestions above, you can try these ideas too: 
1.  Go to your email inbox. Start a new email titled "Please join my mailing list". Then start copying emails of all of the people who have recently sent you emails. you will be surprised how many aren't receiving your newsletter. Send out a group email to all of these contacts asking if you can add them to your monthly newsletter list. When they say yes, just add them in. You can also put the link in the email so they can sign up on their own. It's up to you.
2. Go through your art sales list and/or workshop student list and email all of these contacts. Most of them are also probably not already receiving your newsletter. Send them an email inviting them to join. And just to make it easier on you next time, add the "Join my Mailing List" link to your invoices so your new clients can sign up right away!
3. There is an app called Quick Import for Outlook. It's free and it will import all of your contacts in to Constant Contact. 
4. Add the mobile app to your phone for either Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. This allows you to add contacts to your mailing list while you are at art shows, galleries and painting plein air. you should even ask the new contact to fill in the information for you!
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