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Thursday, May 16, 2013

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - Day 16

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"Bright Reflections"
Oil, 6" x 6" with display easel.
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Most of us who have a blog have been offering our visitors the chance to "follow our blog". When someone becomas a "follower" they automatically receive an email notification when a new post is published. Most blog authors aren't aware there is a way you can access all of these email addresses of your blog followers. So, the Day 16 Challenge is to send an email to all of these followers to see if you can add them to your newsletter mailing list.

Of course, first you need to figure out where to find the list. This website does a great job showing you how to find and download a copy of all of the email addresses. Just follow the link and simple instructions.

If you haven't already added the opotion on your blog go to Layout, then Add a Gadget and insert the widget called Follow By Email. It's very simpe and a great way to build your followers.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed as you don't yet have a blog or newsletter, then you might want to sign up for my webinARTs 101 course. In a month you will learn how to create an art website, a blog, sell your art on Facebook and send out a newsletter. The classes are all self paced and online so you can take as long as you want to finish the class. It' not too late to start the May class. For more information or to register, go to the webinARTs website.

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