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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

30 Marketing Ideas in 30 Days - Day 22

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"Early Morning Sun"
Oil, 24" x 18" framed.
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I mentioned on yesterday's post a few of the the APPS that I use for my business. My list goes on and on ... but in my studio I love accuview and pandora. Accuview has a great grid and value finder program and it's probably the most popular one with my students. Pandora is my favorite station to play music. O-snap is what I use to record my demos. I put my iphone on a tripod and set the camera to snap a photo every minute. Then I just paint and don't worry about remembering to record my video!
I use picstitch on my iphone to create collages right on my phone. It's a great way to post a collage of photos on the go.

For my art business I am hugely addicted to invoice2go. It's is the basis for all of my financials and I love that I can create an invoice for a client on my iphone or ipad. Automatically all of the data is  synced to my computer. You can just email an invoice and the client can pay you via paypal. It's simple and the reports are amazing ... sales by quarter or month or year ... sales by clients ... basically you can track and review any reports you will ever need for your business. Finally, I use both Square and Paypal Here to accept credit cards. I use Paypal Here almost exclusively as now I like the ease of having the money deposited only in to my paypal account.

The Day Twenty-two Challenge is to incorporate a few of these (or other) applications in to your art business. If you don't have a smart phone there are many that you can use on your computer. They are great tools and will make your life a lot easier, I promise!

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